This cash flow business is one of the advanced strategies hidden inside tax treasures. Unlock this business opportunity to help yourself while helping others get back what is rightfully theirs!

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"Stop guessing and wasting time, money and energy investing in underperforming markets…take the step by step processes and procedures inside this online program that have already generated double-digit returns for hundreds of thousands of investors just like you.”

Dr. Marijo Wilson, Dr. Tax Lien

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Why Most Think You Are “Risk-free” When Putting Your Money In The Bank? If Fact, You Are Actually Losing Your Purchasing Power When Inflation Outpaces Your Return On Investment

Instead, learn to...

Optimize Your Returns

“I need better returns!” cried every investor I’ve ever met. When queried as to what better returns means the responses are many. I need more stability. I want less risk. I want higher returns. I want it all. Ah, Optimized Returns, the holy grail of the investing world.

Back Your Investments With Collateral

Investment funds can be used as collateral to efficiently secure financial transactions involving counterparty risk.

Invest Where The Banks Invest

Banks tend to invest further out the yield curve, i.e. in higher-yielding fixed income instruments with a longer maturity. This includes Mortgage Securities, Treasury Bonds and Notes, corporates, agency debt, etc. It's not an arbitrage to borrow money from consumers via deposits and invest at the Fed.

Retire Earlier

A small fraction of the more than $6 Trillion in IRA accounts is invested in real estate. Put your retirement fund dollars to work doing more than investing in index funds or whatever else your current IRA provider offers.

Live Your Dreams

You’ll Get The Exact Step By Step System We Use, With Other Successful Investors Including Banks, Investment Advisory And Hedge Funds, To Generate Double-digit Returns Backed By Real Estate.

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Hey Friends, 

I’m Dr. Marijo Wilson, you can call me Dr. Marijo. I’m also known as Dr. Tax Lien. I am an international speak, trainer, mentor and coach.

I struggled to find properties at a price point that made sense for “buying and holding”. The price points on a lot of the properties I purchased did not really work. 

I learned you can use tax liens to get a great return. Without having to spend a lot of money or wasting years learning new things. 

It works beautifully inside a self-directed IRA and you can also use Tax Lien and Deed Sales to identify motivated sellers and acquire the properties in advance of the auction.

As a result of these strategies, I have been able to travel the world in the past few years.

Use and enjoy!

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What Would It Mean To You To Have Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars In Your Retirement Account, A Healthy Emergency Fund, All Your Consumer Debts Paid In Full, And Money In Your Pocket?

Get The Results You’re Looking For in Tax Treasure Training.

This is for you if:

Maybe you have been “knocked around” by corporate America. Perhaps you have worked hard to be the best salesperson earning the highest commissions only to find your territory cut and your commissions cut. Are you someone who has lost their retirement pension due to company mismanagement?

You are a great parent and have really focused on your family and your children. They are now productive members of society thanks to your love and support (and financial assistance). Now you are ready to look forward to retirement and you haven’t taken care of yourself in the area of retirement savings.

Divorce may be the culprit in your life that brought financial devastation. Perhaps it was the death of a spouse that wreaked havoc, not only emotionally but also financially.

Perhaps you are a “Millennial” or “Generation X” looking to get out of the “Rat Race” sooner rather than later. You recognize that retirement is not an age but a financial position. You look at becoming financially independent and then focus on true “Financial Freedom”.

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So What If You Had Your Own Professional Investment Strategy Providing Returns Of 12%, 18%, 24% And Even 36%

And It Required Very Little Of Your Time?

Have you ever dreamed of having your money work for you instead of you working for money? Have you dreamed of no longer having to trade your hours for dollars? 

Have to been programmed with the thought that the higher the returns on your money means you are in a very risky investment? 

Are you wanting more time for your family? More time for yourself? Warren Buffet said, “If you don’t find a way to have your money work for you while you are sleeping, you will work until the day you die”. 

No one cares more about your money, your savings and your retirement than you do. Don’t turn over the management of your money to someone else. 

Learn to invest where the Pros invest and get your money working for you while you sleep!

Optimize Your Returns

Discover the secrets to getting double-digit returns. Which States are the best for Tax Lien Investments? How to avoid the Pitfalls

Back Your Investments With Collateral

Unlike investments in the stock market, your investments are backed by real estate. If you don’t get you investment back plus interest and penalties, you get the property AND you get the title free and clear of any mortgage or deed of trust.  

Invest Where The Banks Invest

Banks, private equity groups, and hedge funds all find Tax Liens to be a lucrative investment opportunity. Become the bank and stop letting them pay you only 1-2% while they make double-digit returns on YOUR money!

Retire Earlier

Retirement is NOT an age but a financial position. If you had enough income to cover your monthly expenses you would not have to go to your JOB. You would be “financially independent”. 

When you become financially independent, your next step is to become “financially free”. This means you can do what you want, when you want, with whom you want for however long you want. In order to achieve this you must have lots of investment strategies that work for you! The higher the returns the faster your money doubles.

After you complete Tax Treasure Training you will have the confidence to move forward boldly and confidently to invest your personal savings and your retirement savings into tax liens and earn 12, 18, 24 and even 36% return on your money. Tax Treasure Training is much more; it’s a proven system that allows you to BUILD DREAMS.

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