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Tax Treasure Training

The Key to Unlocking Double Digit Returns.

Investing in tax lien certificates can help you build your portfolio for “pennies on the dollar” or create a great ROI without the 4 “T’s” (tenants, toilets, trash and termites). The perfect marriage is investing in tax liens inside your self-directed retirement account.

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Fund Finder Fortunes

Profiting from the $60 Billion Unclaimed Treasure Trove.

This cash flow business is one of the advanced strategies hidden inside tax treasures. Unlock this business opportunity to help yourself while helping others get back what is rightfully theirs!

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Mobile Home Millions

Unlock the Secrets about “Little Boxes that Spit Out CASH”!

Learn about the affordable housing market that most investors ignore. You receive the keys to capitalizing this niche while helping people attain the “American Dream” of home ownership.

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Real Estate Riches Unlocked

Obtain the Active and Passive Income Keys available through Real Estate Investing.

Find the Niche within the industry that will get you out of debt; create your emergency fund; place you on the road to wealth creation; and create a legacy for future generations.

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Group Mentoring

One on One Mentoring and Training for You and your team.

Help when you need it. I want you to schedule time with me. We’ll discuss tax liens, mobile homes, foreclosures, wholesale and more.

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Speaker Services

Energize and Grow Your team with Expert Real Estate Knowledge

You and your team can change the world. With the right motivation and training we can light up a fire in them.

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Our Story

I’m Dr. Marijo Wilson, you can call me Dr. Marijo.  I’m also known as Dr. Tax Lien. I am an international speak, trainer, mentor and coach.

I once struggled to find properties at a price point that made sense for “buying and holding”.

I learned you can use tax liens to get a great return.  It works beautifully inside a self-directed IRA and you can also use Tax Lien and Deed Sales to identify motivated sellers and acquire the properties in advance of the auction.

I have been able to travel the world in the past few years. Relying on the strategies I’ve used since 1977. 

Go to my calendar and schedule a complimentary session with me.  We will do an assessment of where you are, why you want to make changes in your life and determine if you qualify to work directly with me.

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This charity is 100% volunteer and they help people going through cancer treatment. This is near and dear to my heart since I lost my little sister, Melanie, to ovarian cancer. She was only 49 years young.